15 September, 2009

forever much?

so, it basically has been forever since i've done a post so i decided to do one today. um, we have had a new addition to our family. her name is morgan and she is so cute! then on another note, sterling, as you know, has bought a house. once its a little cleaner, i will then put up some pictures of the place. its pretty sweet. but yeah, there really isn't much to talk about right now. so till another day...

19 January, 2009

photobooth fun with my friends!

yeah, so for the first time since last june, graduation time, i actually got to hang out with my friends, cassi, chelsea, and megan, for an entire day! it was awesome! and, for the first time, i got to play in a photo booth. like such. it was great. but yeah, i haven't put anything up for a while, so this is what you get. :) enjoy

18 September, 2008

Colorado Trip is now over

ok. so got home from colorado around 10pm on monday night. and it rocked with the exception of a ten hour drive each way. when we got there, we stayed in the marriot right next to i-225, it was nice, and my friends got all ready and played in the lobby with everyone else. the next day, we woke up, got registered, and went to play till heather and her mom came and got me around 1ish. then i got to drive around colorado with my awesome cousin! she took me to some random malls, on is freaking huge, like twice the size of gateway, and to this cool world store, where i got german and japanese candy, and then we went to bills. he's got a really nice house now.

i played with her friends, and ran around the city for two days and saw lots of pretty cars. it was happy. on sunday we took me back to the hotel and i played with my friends the whole day, that night we had a pizza pj party till like 4:30 and then went to bed and left around 8 or 9 on monday. it was a glorious trip. and i have lots of pictures. the two i have here, is one, jenni in her moogle costume with coke, and me, heather and her friend playing twister. it was a blast.

09 September, 2008


so, i have been kinda deliquent on updating this, and so, i now have 3 nephews and a niece. they are absolutely adorable.

the two youngest are, of course, bigger now, but they are all cute. this is at cameron's baby blessing last month.

along with this, i am leaving for colorado on thursday. its gonna rock. and yeah, i'll have some picturess of that when i get back to put up, and yeah. :)

21 July, 2008

Colorado Trip!!!

so, some of my friends are completely into anime. which is a japanese cartoon typa thingy. and there is this convention in denver colorado this spetember, and i shall be attending! i'm way uber excited. not only will i be going on a trip with some of my best friends, but i shall be going to visit my cousin! i would only see her for one of the days, but it would rock hardcore! i would so stay longer if possible. but oh well. i'm excited. pictures will come.

16 June, 2008

baby cameron

so on friday my little nephew arrived. he was 7lbs 4 oz. and really really cute. we went and visited them that night, and little cameron is doing great now. :)

18 May, 2008


so, I am finally in the last stretch of high school. I am graduating in a week and a half! its so exciting....yeah. and this is my lovely graduation picture! it will be way fun. my sister and her husband, mom, grandma, dad, my freaking awsome heather, and my boyfriend, levi, will be attending the ceremony. i'm way excited!